A business law firm for a new era…


JOSHPE MOONEY PALTZIK LLP is a boutique law firm that handles a wide variety of corporate and litigation matters. Our attorneys have experience handling very diverse legal challenges, including commercial disputes, constitutional litigation, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate transactions, intellectual property issues, and representing whistleblowers. As the photos throughout our website convey, we are based in the heart of New York City, the premiere, most vibrant commercial and legal market in the world. Like New York, the legal field is kinetic and fluid, constantly changing and evolving with new fact-patterns and real-life scenarios. We believe that great lawyers must do much more than just know the law—they must be prepared to think critically about the world and their client’s objectives and use judgment, seasoned with real experience, to obtain the best results possible.

At Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP, we bring a global perspective to our work—not just as attorneys but as entrepreneurs. We strive to assist our clients in assessing and managing a variety of risks, including business, legal, and political risk. We also regularly assist our clients with public relations challenges and believe that a properly constructed media strategy is critical to an optimal legal strategy. We are a boutique firm, so clients have direct access to partners, and we pride ourselves on being the kind of firm that clients engage when the stakes are high for them.

Our law firm is also defined by a distinct culture, which is reflected by the matters on which we work. We believe in ethical representation and conduct at all times. We approach our work with exacting attention to detail and thoughtfulness. We do not lose sight of the big picture. We are zealous advocates for our clients and believe their interests come first. Finally, we do not just view ourselves as your lawyers, but as your counsel.