JMP Files Wrongful Death Suit on Behalf of Hundalani Estate

The family of the late Sherena Hundalani, who was killed in February by a taxi driver while standing on a sidewalk in Rego Park, has filed a lawsuit in Queens County Supreme Court (Index No. 716053/2019) for Sherena’s wrongful death.  According to the filings, cab driver, Lakhvinder Singh, was coming from a nearby City taxi stand and using the 63rd Road Mobil Station as an illegal cut-through when he struck a pedestrian and then accelerated and hit Sherena from behind, dragging her underneath his vehicle.  She died hours later. 

The complaint alleges that cab drivers routinely and unlawfully cut-through the gas station, which is owned by affiliates of corporate giant, Alliance Energy.  It also alleges that the Mobil operators negligently failed to implement appropriate safeguards and that city agencies failed to address dangerous conditions at the scene and allowed Singh to remain a licensed driver.        

The firm said, “Regrettably, this case is about more than just the tragedy that has devastated one family.  This is about a City that has descended into lawlessness, where innocent civilians are left to fend for themselves in the streets against reckless taxi drivers and bicyclists and then fight with the cab industry’s go-to insurance company, American Transit Insurance, for a $100,000 pittance as compensation for a dead child.  These mishaps are the legacy of Bill de Blasio—a buffoon pursuing a delusional presidential campaign halfway across the country while NYC spirals deeper into chaos.” 

There have been several notable accidents caused by taxi drivers in just the past several months, including taxis crashing into a retail store in midtown, smashing into a restaurant and injuring eight civilians, killing an elderly woman in Chelsea, and just last week, striking a teenager in midtown. 

Prakash and Bina Hundalani said, “Not a day goes by when we don’t feel the unbearable pain of this loss.  Sherena’s death has even forced us to close one of our family businesses, but there is nothing we wouldn’t trade to have her back.  We are grateful to so many for the outpouring of love, but it is also telling that not once has anybody from the City, including the Mayor, or representatives of the gas station, or the cab driver who killed our daughter called to express their condolences.”  

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