The Firm

Our vision

Joshpe Mooney Paltzik LLP has its genesis in big firm law, which is where many of us started. We envisioned a different kind of firm, however, one that combined creativity, pragmatism, tenacity, precision, and client centricity.

We are based in the heart of New York City, the premiere, most vibrant commercial and legal market in the world. Like New York, the legal field is kinetic and fluid, constantly changing and evolving with new fact-patterns and real-life scenarios. We believe that great lawyers must do much more than just know the law—they must be prepared to think critically about the world and their client’s objectives. They must use judgment, combined with real experience, to drive results.

What we Do

We are unique among boutique law firms.  We embrace a generalist, entrepreneurial approach, which is evident in the background of our lawyers, and we handle a diverse cross-section of legal challenges, from mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions, to commercial disputes, IP protection, and constitutional litigation.  

Why We do It

We believe that great lawyers can make a material difference in peoples’ businesses and lives. Whether helping to assess and mitigate risk, managing a public relations crisis, or negotiating a critical partnership deal, lawyers can truly be the difference in outcomes. We take pride in our work and pride in yours as well.